TTC Tenders for Service to 783K Additional Students, Adds 3,300 New Buses to the Public School Bus Fleet, and Deploys 130 Field Staff to Monitor Service Quality

On Sunday, 31 August 2014 Tatweer Educational Transportation Services Company (TTC) announced deployment of 130 Saudi field staff team across the Country. The field team will conduct 90,000 inspections throughout the school year on vehicles randomly selected from the 22,000 vehicle national fleet to ensure the free public school transport service delivers high levels of service quality and reliability. And to further improve service effectiveness, TTC plans to increase field staff in all regions across the Kingdom by continuing active recruitment during the school year.

Furthermore, to implement contracts awarded by TTC during the first quarter of 2014, TTC announced last week that 3,300 new buses had been added to the national fleet, in a record process that from tendering, through manufacturing, to commissioning into service was achieved in only 6-months. These bring the total for the fleet providing free government transport services to public school students to 22,000 vehicles.

And, TTC continues to expand service through a recent tender issued to provide free transport service to an additional 782,618 public school students. Divided into 20 operational groups spread across all regions of Saudi Arabia, when awarded the tender will increase the total number of male and female public school students served to over 1.764 million. Interested operators and potential investors will be able to obtain documents for this attractive tender from TTC up to the close of business (COB) Thursday 11 September 2014, with proposals due by COB 28 October 2014.

Established in May 2012, TTC is a Saudi limited liability company wholly owned by Tatweer Education Holding Company (THC), which is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). As an independent legal entity, TTC has the full capacity to achieve its objectives and implement the tasks assigned to it in accordance with the mandates of THC Articles of Association; promulgated by Royal Decree M/75 dated 6/11/1429 H. TTC's goals include providing educational transport services for schools and universities, developing the educational transport sector, improving the quality of provided services, enabling the private sector to provide operational services, and enabling integration with public transportation.​