Quality Assurance

In accordance with TTC's objective of improving the Educational Transportation services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Quality Assurance department aims to promote the quality culture and apply the world wide best educational transportation practices.

In order to achieve that objective, the Quality Assurance department has adopted the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach in its operations in order to implement and standardize the cross-functional processes within the company's functions and with transportation operators to ensure the highest quality services will be delivered to end-users.

In order to keep improving services and satisfying TTC customers, the Quality Assurance department has implemented the concepts of monitoring & auditing through setting the highest quality standards by applying key performance indicators on transportation operators to cover and integrate all categories of education transportation including Safety & Security, Operational Service Level, Customer Satisfaction and Operator reporting, as described below:

Safety & Security

  • The number of non-accidents' injuries
  • The number of traffic accidents
  • The number of traffic violations
  • The percentage of acceptable vehicles' lifespan
  • The percentage of acceptable technical inspections for vehicles' safety
  • The percentage of vehicles' drivers training
  • The percentage of vehicles conforming to SASO requirements

Operational Service Level

  • ​​The percentage of the acceptable route inspections
  • The percentage of delayed morning trips
  • The percentage of delayed noon trips
  • The percentage of availability and functioning of vehicles' tracking systems
  • The percentage of vehicles no show​
  • The percentage of delay in the second round trips
  • Bus Occupancy Factor
  • The percentage of malfunction in air-conditioning& heating equipment
  • The percentage of bus breakdowns on the road
  • The percentage of alternative availability in case of bus breakdowns
  • The percentage of overcrowded trips
  • The percentage of delivering bus boarding cards on time
  • The percentage of Saudi drivers
  • The percentage of absence of operations rooms' staff
  • The percentage of absence of projects managers during work hours
  • The percentage of delay in the works recommencement after breaks
  • The percentage of eligible students serviced by sub-contractors
  • The percentage of non-transported eligible students.

Customer Satisfaction

  • The percentage of customer satisfaction levels​

Operator Reporting

  • The percentage of commitment to deliver the operational plans on time
  • The percentage of commitment to deliver the required reports on time